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     The objects which will be found on this page include supernova remnants, dark nebulae, and comets.  The only one imaged to date is
     M1, a SN remnant.

           NGC 1952 (M1)


   M1 (NGC 1952)  

   10-inch Newtonian, ST2000XM, 60:60(H-alpha):22:20:20, 20.7' x 21.4'

   M1 is the remnant of a supernova seen in the year 1054.  It is the first object Messier identified in his famous catalog.  This replaces an earlier image of the same object.  I exposed for almost exactly the same times as the previous image, and added the two sets together to double the total exposure.  My camera orientation was changed by 90 degrees between the sets, so only the overlapping area is shown here.  Also, I included 60 minutes of H-alpha exposure in this version, which makes the filamentary streamers much more obvious.  This version is much deeper and a few tiny galaxies can be seen in the background -- none of them were visible in the previous image.

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